The Brentwood Arts Festival will host a comprehensive celebration of the arts in borough of Brentwood during 5-12 July 2014.  The project is a collaboration between Brentwood Arts Council (BAC) and Brentwood Borough Council.

The underlying theme take people on a journey commemorating the start of WWI.  The Arts Festival will showcase the wide variety of arts activities which take place throughout the Borough.  The main participating groups will be members of BAC, but non-members are being encouraged to take part as this will be an inclusive celebration “for the people of Brentwood, by the people of Brentwood”.

Some of the main activities will take place in the centre of the Borough but there will be others in the villages with transport provided where possible to ensure that everyone who wishes to experience the various events and exhibitions can do so.  The project will be delivered exclusively by local amateurs and volunteers and will not rely upon public services for its success.

2014 will mark 100 years since the start of the First World War. The government is working alongside partners, including the Heritage Lottery Fund, Commonwealth War Graves Commission and Imperial War Museums, on a series of national remembrance events, an extensive cultural programme and educational schemes.

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