Bob Furley

On display at Bennetts Funeral Directors

The Battle of Maldon

Standing on the promenade in Maldon is a statue of Brithnoth which commemorates the Battle of Maldon in 991AD at which the Saxon leader tried to repel Viking invaders.

Through the gathering clouds over the modern vista, my painting attempts to evoke the imagined fear of known but unseen invaders in an empty landscape.

Oils on board


Ancient Memorial

When travelling around Europe, one comes across standing stones beside ancient tracks or hidden in woods.  It is fascinating to think that in this way, people can be commemorated for thousands of years.

Oils on canvas


About Bob Furley

Bob is a retired scientist and an amateur artist belonging to Brentwood Arts Society.  He works in most mediums but prefers oils and acrylics.

On display from 28 June to 12 July

Bennetts Funeral Directors
120 High Street
Essex CM14 4AS