Sam Zealey

On display at Merrymeade House

Couple of Iron (Men of Iron), 2012

Materials: Iron, steel, Concrete


Trapped Wind, 2011

Materials: bell jar, ostrich feather, mild steel armature, reinforced piping, vacuum pump.

This is a physical presentation of a phenomenon. The feather within the bell jar which has a fan rotating at 4000 rpm underneath does not move the feather, this is because both objects are in a vacuum and so the process of particle intervention is avoided. This piece of sculpture is an important development towards the piece ‘The Integrity of Fertility’. This is because the ideas of making something happen but avoid it acutely happening is a main focal point within this sculpture (there is so much happening in theory but so little happening physically).


About Sam Zealey

Born in Dulwich in 1986, Sam Zealey studied at the Royal College of Art and now divides his time between London and Essex.  

He says of his sculptures, “I am particularly attentive to the Earth’s cyclical activity, natural cycles that are taken for granted and often exploited by humans.  I produce work that makes these monumental events conceptually accessible and visually powerful.”


On display from 28 June to 12 July

Merrymeade House
Merrymeade Chase, off Sawyers Hall Lane
CM15 9BG