The Brentwood Bombers

On display from 28 June to 12 July

West Horndon Train Station
Station Approach
West Horndon
CM13 3TJ

Yarn bombing

Yarn bombing (aka guerrilla knitting, urban knitting, graffiti knitting) is the decoration of local landmarks with colourful knitting and crochet.

Like many things it started in USA but is now popular around the world. The idea initially was to ‘jazz up’ boring public places or landmarks and, in some cases, to make a statement or promote a cause. The artwork is often temporary and is always easily removed, leaving the site undamaged.

A call for local knitters/crocheters to volunteer their services and/or surplus wool to create an artwork to be displayed for two weeks during the Art Trail and Art Festival resulted in the formation of the Brentwood Bombers – a group of enthusiastic local ladies (co-ordinated by Claire Mackaness of Beautiful Things) pooling their resources over the last six months to create boxes and bags of bunting, pompoms, flowers, squares, animals, etc.  A large mural is now being constructed from the many hundreds of knitted and crocheted pieces. With the permission of C2C, the artwork will be displayed at West Horndon station for two weeks from June 18 to July 12.  Thereafter, the artwork is to be donated to Little Havens Hospice.

The “Brentwood Bombers” are keen to stay together as a group with a view to using their considerable skills and enthusiasm to support charitable causes in the future. Anyone wishing to get involved should contact bacvisualarts@gmail.com.